Pierce Wickenden (Player)

“Mentally Charged is a great program. It really allows for players to maximize their potential. It focuses on a part of the game rarely touched upon. Mentally Charged doesn’t just help on the ice, but teaches lessons that will last your lifetime.”

Jeremy Marco (Player)

“Mentally charged has helped me take feedback in a positive way which has helped me advanced my game. Thanks to Coach Corey I have been able to control my emotions and stay the course throughout games and injuries.”

Isaac Taylor (Player)

“Mentally Charged helps me to focus on my goals and pushes me to succeed even when things get tough. Their programs also help me stay confident and positive when things aren’t going my way!”

Akil Thomas (Player)

“In any high level such as the OHL, any edge over the guy next to you is what separates guys. Mentally Charged programs have helped me focus on the mental side of hockey which is crucial whether one notices it or not. It helps me with knowing how to react to certain situations that hockey takes you through.”

Phil Caron (Player)

“Thanks to mentally charged, I’ve improved my mental game immensely. I learned how to handle situations and overcome adversity, learned how to be mentally ready to play to the best of my abilities consistently and I’ve gained confidence to play my game and not shy away from any opportunities on the ice.”

PJ Fletcher (Player)

“Before Mentally Charged my game was good, but there was always this one aspect I couldn’t figure out, and that was my mental game. I found myself always getting frustrated and maybe gripping my stick too hard. Ever sense I started using Mentally Charged my game has been on a constant up. I never knew how important my mental game was until I started using their programs, and I can’t thank MC enough!”

Cullen McLean (Player)

“Mentally Charged is a great source to build your mental game for sure! It has helped me prepare for games and has helped build my mental toughness dramatically over the years.”

Lorne Hunchuck (Coach)

“I’ve worked with Coach Corey for over three years and his program is the missing piece of the puzzle. Most teams focus on training the body, which has its place, but Mentally Charged deals with the most important part of the game – the mental aspect.  Corey is passionate about helping young hockey player’s plough through adversity and mental obstacles.  Our team bonded quickly and had immediate success both on and off the ice.  I would recommend this membership to any team.”

Nat Brousseau (Parent)

“Just wanted to send you a quick thank you! My son Riley has been following you and your advice for quite some time now and he takes everything you have to say to heart. He is finally getting back to his old self again. He had the same coach for 3 years in a row and let me tell you, he shot his confidence down something fierce. My husband and I have been working really hard with him to get it back.

My husband played junior hockey here in Timmins and also in Tillsonburg and has been trying to show him and teach him that he’s the only one that can change his ways, with our help of course. He slowly started to come around, but we knew he had more in him!

This year, he is the number one affiliate player for the Bantam AAA, as they didn’t want to take a first year player to their roster because they are hosting the OHF’s here in Timmins (gotta love hockey and politics)! That being said, he is a minor Bantam AA player, leader in points for his team and an all-around great player and kid. Yes he’s my son, but it took a while to get him back to this point where he sees he is valuable to his team. We have always told him that points don’t matter, you have to be a good all-around player and you always have to give 100%, no matter what!

As soon as he found out about you and your program, he started following you and your advice and really put it to work. We have noticed a big difference in him and he says it’s all thanks to you. So again, thank you for everything that you do for these kids.
Riley hopes that one day he will be able to meet you in person to be able to thank you himself.

Again, thank you and keep up the good work!”

Wyatt Waselenchuk (Owner/Head Instructor, Accel Goaltending)

“These videos are fantastic!  The kids were really into it today, and it’s great to see.  Delivery was excellent – kids loved the episodes and your energy.  They are such a great tool!”

Michel Giroux (Coach)

“Coach Corey worked with our team during the 2015-16 season. His passion for teaching and developing the mental part of the game is very evident when he talks to the players and shares his experiences. He was able to get the players to share their experiences when they felt anxiety or stress and identify tools on how to deal with these feelings, “focus on what you can control.” We have brought Mentally Charged back to work with our Minor Midget AAA team for the 2016-17 season to continue the development and improve on this important aspect of the game.”

Noel Hazlett (Parent)

“There are plenty of options to train physically for the sport you love, but not many options for the mental edge. The mental part of your game is just as important (if not more) as your physical edge! In my opinion Mentally Charged is the best place for you to go to.”

Meg Thomson (Female Athlete)

“Mentally charged has educated me on the importance of the mental game in hockey. Through learning how to improve my confidence, to understanding how to stay positive when I have an injury mc has it all. I constantly look to mentally charged when I want to improve. I know I can always reach out to the coaches when I have a question or need some advice. Mc has truly helped me become a stronger and a well-rounded version of myself, on and off the ice.”

Cynthia Ferguson (Parent)

“The mental preparedness of an athlete is always a challenge especially during the most competitive years during their teens. Corey was an incredible source of support and guidance for my son when he needed to reach the next level in his sport. There is only so far an athlete can go on skill and conditioning. The mental game is one of the hardest parts of competitive sports but Corey knows how to reach athletes and help them reframe their game.”